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RW Dake Construction was formed in 1960 by Robert W. Dake as R.W. Dake & Co., Inc.  In January 2002, the business was sold to Greg Vangellow. Vangellow, who now serves as the company‚Äôs CEO ,  had served as its commercial banker for the previous seven years. For forty-four years, the company operated solely out of its Rochester New York Office.  Since 2004,  RW Dake Construction has expanded its reach based on customer demand and has opened six new regional offices.

Thanks to the highest quality craftsmanship, a strict attention to detail, and a customer-centric approach, RW Dake Construction has become an established construction and general contracting leader across many industries from banking to healthcare to manufacturing, serving clients throughout New York and the Mid-Atlantic. With 7 locations and over 575 customers served, RW Dake Construction continues to grow and provide its clients with continued excellence.

Safety Philosophy

Safety Mission Statement:

The mission of R.W. Dake & Co., Inc. is to protect the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, general contractors and our customers, while at the same time doing our share to protect the environment. This goal can be met through the continued updating of our environmental, health and safety plan, which results in reducing illness and injury, preventing property damage and preserving the environment. In 2015, we worked over 190,000 with only one OSHA recordable incident that involved stitches and resulted in 0 lost days. Our 2016 EMR rating is 0.82.

Core Values:

R.W. Dake is a service oriented business. Our team focuses on providing a safe working environment for all our employees and customers. All of our subcontractors must demonstrate that they have the same values of R.W. Dake. They must demonstrate that past practices and safety statistics meet the high standards that we have set for ourselves. The values and practices also ensure that we are all in compliance with all state, federal and local laws.

Health, Safety, and Environmental Program (HSE):

Our HSE program consists of an 80-page program outlining hundreds of policies and procedures which is updated periodically. All employees must read and have a clean understanding of the policies and procedures, and acknowledge in writing that they have read and understand the policies. All of our field employees are union employees who have had extensive training through the union organizations, and all have completed a ten or 30 hour OSHA training course.


We have recently began utilizing a 24-hour on-demand MSDS service. All of our employees have access to this service. This service provides quick access in the event of a hazardous exposure to a material used in the performance of our work. Thankfully, we have not had to use MSDS records in many years!

Safety Committee:

R.W. Dake has established a safety committee comprised of management, warehouse staff, and tradesmen from our construction and painting divisions. This committee was established as a management tool to recommend improvements to the workplace safety program and to identify corrective measures needed to control and minimize safety and health hazards.

In addition to the above, R.W. Dake & Co., Inc. practices many other safety practices that are common in the construction industry: weekly tool talks, weekly safety articles, and training are ongoing to keep everyone up to date and always thinking about safety.

Everyone at R.W. Dake & Co., Inc. must be involved and committed to safety. This must be team effort. For over 50 years, R.W. Dake & Co., Inc. has had an excellent safety record. Together, our entire team can prevent accidents and injuries, and keep each other safe and healthy in the work that provides our livelihood.