Serving NY, NJ, MD, VA, DC & DE

RW Dake provides comprehensive construction, maintenance and repair services with expertise and specialized capabilities across the following industry segments:


BankingWith over 40 years experience directly working for the banking industry, there’s little that R.W. Dake hasn’t done. From building a branch from the ground up to comprehensive renovations, new teller lines, vault and ATM installation, flooring, painting, safe and safety deposit box rigging, security systems, data centers, and 24 hour emergency service. R.W. Dake has been there, seen it, done it. R.W. Dake currently has long term construction service contracts with four of the largest New York State banks.

Clean Rooms

Clean RoomsR.W. Dake has the capability to construct high quality clean rooms from Class 10 to Class 100. Our experience includes construction projects using our DAKEWALL Metal Panel Partition System and other prefabricated wall systems to those involving numerous individually constructed components. These components include many types of wall, ceiling and floor systems specifically designed for clean room construction. Our associates are well trained and well versed in clean room protocol and construction, and many of the component systems utilized by R.W. Dake, including DAKEWALL, allow for fast track clean room projects.

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Data Centers

Data CentersR.W. Dake has assisted in the design and construction of numerous data centers. From simple raised access floor projects to the construction of a multi-million dollar data center for a large financial institution, we have access to a team of experienced engineers and contractors that will ensure your data center project will be successful.


SchoolsR.W. Dake has served as a contractor for many types of school projects. These projects have typically involved the construction of drywall and acoustical ceilings, and our painting and taping capabilities. We have worked at numerous school districts and colleges across Central and Western New York, at both private and public school systems.


IndustrialR.W. Dake can manage an architectural build out and interior renovations including demolition, flooring, raised access flooring, partitions, acoustic ceilings, door frames and hardware, hollow-metal windows, painting, acoustical panel installation, and light masonry (sidewalks, concrete block modifications). R.W. Dake also has expertise in constructing lead-lined rooms, including windows and doors, for use in x-ray applications. R.W. Dake can provide metal clad DAKEWALL demountable wall systems and drywall demountable wall systems.


HealthcareR.W. Dake can coordinate and perform clean and efficient renovations in procedural and supporting spaces in hospitals, clinics, and private practices.


ManufacturingInstallations; repairs and relocations of pallet racking; steel shelving; bench rows; bumper rails and bollards; partitions; ceilings; doors frames and hardware; and hollow metal windows. R.W. Dake can provide metal clad DAKEWALL demountable wall systems and drywall demountable wall systems. R.W. Dake can also provide raised access flooring; ESD flooring; as well as noise, vibration and acoustical solutions.


retailR.W. Dake can provide construction services for tenant build outs and store renovations, as well as painting and finishing projects, for businesses in the retail sector.